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For folks with a limited budget and want to test the waters, try my FIverr gigs. Communication is limited to the Fiverr messaging interface, thus, I will not discuss projects outside of Fiverr.

FIverr’s Terms of Service discourage outside communication, so if you hire me on Fiverr, we respect the messaging and payment interface.

My most popular gig is the “Upload your video, P1 Google EXTRA, basic gig is $5. For extra, I will do extra work to get your video in a local niche market. I offer introductory gigs as shown below:

cricket20 gigs art

My best deal is the Analyze Your Website gig. For extra I will produce four simple videos that point to your website. For $45, that is a great deal.

cricket20 analyze website keywords gig

If you want to test my skills, hire me for $25 and I will get your video on page one in a local niche market. See my gig for details.

cricket20 page one google gig

I will research keywords and produce multiple reports based on your budget.

cricket20 keyword research gig

I will answer SEO questions about my gigs on Skype.

cricket20 skype call gig

I will perform as Yorick.

cricket20 yorick gig

I will bring you a greeting as Ros the Alien.

cricket20 ros the alien gig

I will tell you how to get your video on Page One Google!

cricket20 tell how to get p1 gig

I will stand in front of the world’s largest coffee pot.

cricket20 coffeepot gig

I will stand in front of the worlds largest Milkshake.

cricket20 milkshake gig

I will accept a tip for any of my gigs.

cricket20 tip gig

More gigs coming!


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