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Here are samples from videos I have produced for clients. Each offered it’s own challenges. Enjoy.

Crisis Control Ministry asked me to produce a video using available footage taped vertically on a smartphone. So I created powerpoint slides and added simple animation for effects.

ScreenHunter_1285 Aug. 28 10.26

Visit Big Butte Mountain Lodge in Cruso, NC. Produced using new GoPro camera in conjunction with reliable Kodak Zi8 camcorder.

big butte SCREEN

A local handyman, Ben Manual of Triad HomePro offers tips on home repair. Taped footage uploaded into for effect. No squirrels were harmed in the making of the video.

handyman kville SCREEN

Audia Health hired me adapt their available smartphone footage into a promotional video.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 17.42

Guardian Transfer & Storage hired me for a series of videos. These guys work hard.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 17.48

Unveiling of new sign of Winston Salem Chamber of Commerce new office January 2013. Right place at the right time.

ScreenHunter_1296 Aug. 29 22.41

Primary video for Intimate Ideas, a lingerie chain in Michigan. Using supplied photos, I hired numerous voiceover artists for 70 videos across the eastern United States.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 17.53

VIdeo for Freshout Bail Bond using Videoblock video and audio, plus royalty free rap music loops.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 17.59

Quantum Events asked me to produce simple videos using local talent for voice overs.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 18.05

Nike and Nikki Roach asked me to produce a video promoting their second location. Nikki voiced the video.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 18.09

Infinity Comics LLC has such success in their booth at Cooks Flea Market, they changed their business model to strictly online sales.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 18.12

Randy Moore’s towing requested a video with two crashing and a green screen spokesperson.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 18.27 features photos juggled through promoting the local directory.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 19.41

New Life Floor Cleaning was produced with live footage intertwined with a powerpoint presentation.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 19.44 features an online and printable directory promoting commerce.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 19.48

Northwest Child Development Center Ribbon Cutting of the Mudpies Downtown East facility with local choir singing during the festivities.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 19.51

Local restauranteur Kyle Agha of New Town Bistro requested a video produced with available photos featuring his online ordering website.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 19.54

Simple standup video by Don Hamrick of Homes by Hamrick. Features cover shots over short interview.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 20.02

Educational video with Chef Don McMillan. Features live footage with subdued URL.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 20.10

Housecleaning video showing team cleaning of hotel rooms under nine minutes.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 20.17

Video featuring animation.

ScreenHunter_1291 Aug. 29 20.19

Interview with Garo Sparo twenty years ago.

ScreenHunter_1292 Aug. 29 20.31

Video about taxes using green screen on a powerpoint base.

ScreenHunter_1292 Aug. 29 20.34

Video of fistfight at Bowman Gray Stadium.

ScreenHunter_1296 Aug. 29 22.13

Radio program BrainWash with Dr. Tom interviews Eric Perrotti in a series titled, Guitar Picks, Drum Rolls and Vocal Chords.  Programs features local musicians.

ScreenHunter_1296 Aug. 29 22.26

Randy Moore’s Towing Service ‘three truck’ video.

ScreenHunter_1296 Aug. 29 22.32

Here’s a video of Winston Salem long before I learned how to optimize videos.

ScreenHunter_1296 Aug. 29 22.35

One of my five Finalist entries on the Occupy Conan show in February 2013.

ScreenHunter_1290 Aug. 29 18.22

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