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Everybody wants their website on the front page of Google.  I offer an easier way to get on page one. Web video. Web video has been reported to be over 50 times more likely to land on page one than other web media.

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See this report below, yes it’s dated. However, even if the percentage is half of what it was four years ago, it is still a major percentage. The direct link may be found at:

nate quote 53 times video

Welcome to Confetti Web Video Marketing. In this site you find examples of videos I produce for client’s internet marketing. You will find page one Google screenshots of video thumbnail placement, sample videos links, and various community projects. Enjoy the site.

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Here is proof that I can get videos on Page One Google!




I have no secrets about web marketing strategies. I tell prospects to do the free and low cost strategies first, or hire me. Those strategies are outlined in my Iceberg graphic. If a client is real serious about their online presence, I recommend the media blast strategies. Yes, you need aggressive goals and a sizable budget to be successful.

If a prospect asks, “how much”, they are not serious and I recommend the low cost strategies.

If a prospect asks, “how soon can I get started”, they are serious and I recommend the media blast strategies.

If you think pennies, you get pennies. If you think dollars you get dollars!